Why have eyelid surgery?

It’s funny how changing one facial feature can make such a difference in how you look (and in how you feel about yourself). Take the eyelids, for example – if you are thinking of having a plastic surgery procedure, your eyelids may be the last thing you were thinking about changing, but this type of surgery …

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Take Care of Your Skin After Your Laser Procedure

Laser technology really is incredible, and lasers are used for so many things nowadays. They can help to correct vision, remove kidney stones, and can even be used to treat cancer. They also have their use in cosmetic procedures, such as laser skin resurfacing. Read on for some more information about what laser skin resurfacing can …

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6+ Things You Should Know About Neck Lifts

As we get older, we start to see changes in just about every part of the body. But the changes you may be most concerned about may involve the face and neck. The neck is often overlooked when considering a plastic surgery procedure, but changing the neck can really make a difference. Why should you consider …

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Treatment for Acne Scars

It’s not really fair, is it? You have made it through your teenage years, and any worries about acne should be behind you – but what if the acne scars remain? You don’t have to live with them. Laser skin resurfacing offers a nonsurgical and effective way to get rid of those scars! What is laser skin …

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What is a liquid facelift?

We all have flaws we wish we could get rid of – maybe you wish you could get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin, but you have your doubts about a facelift or other plastic surgery procedure. A liquid facelift may be the answer – read on for some information about what this procedure includes and how …

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Spend Your Tax Refund at Mao Facial

Doing your taxes probably isn’t one of your favorite activities – but if you are getting a refund, that at least makes it a little more fun. Are you getting a refund this year? Have you decided what to spend it on yet? How about that procedure you’ve been dreaming of from Mao Facial Plastic Surgery! Plastic …

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Juvéderm for Beautiful Eyes

You may not feel old and tired, but your appearance can make you look as if you are. The eyes, especially, can affect how you look and how others see you. Dark circles and puffy bags under the eyes can especially cause problems – here is how Juvéderm can help diminish those under-eye problems! What is Juvéderm? …

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Change Your Cheeks, Change Your Face

Have you ever noticed that some of the most beautiful women in the world have one thing in common? It’s all in the cheekbones! Having prominent cheekbones can help to accentuate the other gorgeous features of your face. If you aren’t satisfied with your cheekbones, though, there are a few options available to you! How can …

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Should you consider ear reshaping surgery?

If you aren’t happy with the size or the shape of your ears, it can make you feel self-conscious. If you are a man, it can make you reluctant to get a short haircut; for women it can keep you from wearing your hair up – you might be in the habit of always trying …

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Your Recovery From Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery can be done for cosmetic reasons, but it can also be done because excess tissue around the eyes can cause functional problems or problems with sight. Whatever the reason you are getting eyelid surgery, you may be a bit nervous – most people are when it comes to the word “surgery”! Read on …

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