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When I was considering upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) I consulted with Dr. Johnny Mao on the surgical procedure. He explained in detail what the surgery would entail, the post operative care and the  expected results. I am extremely pleased with the final outcome of the surgery he performed. Dr. Mao's care before, during, and after surgery was outstanding. He is a skilled, kind, considerate, and dedicated surgeon.  J.Z. *Individual results and/or experiences may vary.
Eyelid Surgery Patient

Hope that all is well and that you continue in a successful and rewarding career. Your skill, your bedside manner, and your sense of humor should assure you of a long and rewarding career.  K.B. *Individual results and/or experiences may vary.
Skin Cancer Patient

I just wanted to again express my appreciation for your kind care. I am truly grateful for your patience, compassionate care and skills. Thank you for continuing to make a tough situation more bearable.  M.L. *Individual results and/or experiences may vary.
Difficult Situation Patient

I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for the excellent care and service I have received from you over the last month.  As things went along I was blown away by how you make yourself available to me; I felt as if I was your only patient.  I can’t express to you how grateful I am for that.  I had family who initially urged me to get a second opinion when the word cancer was mentioned.  After my parents and wife met you they understood that I had made the right decision by ignoring them.  I hope I don’t need your help again but if I do I hope you are still practicing locally.  I wish you the best luck and I know you will do well in the future!  J.D. *Individual results and/or experiences may vary.
Neck Surgery Patient

I was 32 years old when I had my inflamed tonsils removed.  I was really scared due to my age and the possibility that I may have had cancer.  He's a very nice Dr. and the surgery was a success.  He also fixed my deviated septum and fixed my crooked nose at my request.  The biopsy came back and I had no cancer.  It’s been about a year now and my nose looks great and I have not received a cold since he fixed my deviated septum.  Not even a small runny nose!!  I can now run longer distances, sleep better, never tired during the day, and never feel congested.  Dr. Mao changed my life and I'm grateful for his work.  He's very passionate about his work and loves to be a perfectionist.  Great hands-on doctor and very caring person.  P.M. *Individual results and/or experiences may vary.
Nasal Surgery Septo-Rhinoplasty Patient

I wanted to thank you for helping me breathe again and also for being patient and gentle at my recent follow up appointment. I am already feeling a big improvement and I am sure in a few months I will be 100%.  P.B. *Individual results and/or experiences may vary.
Nasal Valve Repair Patient

Blessed to have had this kind gentle genius operate on me.  Staff was great.  I appreciate Dr. Mao's confidence and actually his short sincere conversations.  After careful examination he simply said "I can fix this" and he explained what needed to be done.  Plain and simple.  Still healing after a long complicated surgery.  Blessed and grateful.  C.M. *Individual results and/or experiences may vary.
Nasal Septum Perforation Patient

I went into the office for lip injections.  My top lip is asymmetrical and when I smile I loose my top lip.  Dr. Mao listened to me and really captured what I was looking for in my lip volume and size.  He was extremely professional and made the environment comfortable and enjoyable.  Lip injections can be uncomfortable.  Dr. Mao made it his priority that I was comfortable and took measures even throughout the procedure to make sure I was as pain free as possible.  It is obvious that patient satisfaction and safety is his number one goal.  While he was making my lips beautiful, he would show me to make sure I was happy before he moved on to the next section!  Dr. Mao uses the best, newest, and safest technique with injectables.  He even took the time to call me to make sure I was doing okay several hours after the procedure!  I strongly recommend using him!  Thank you Dr. Mao!  D.B. *Individual results and/or experiences may vary.
Lip Injection Patient

I have been a patient of Dr. Johnny Mao for the past three years.  I see Dr. Mao for Botox and facial fillers and am extremely pleased with the results.  Dr. Mao has a wonderful aesthetic eye, and a very gentle approach.  He works with as you seek to enhance your look.  He listens to your input along with offering his professional suggestions.  You will enter into a partnership with Dr. Mao!  I have trusted him for several years and continue to obtain services three times a year.  I highly recommend Dr. Mao for cosmetic treatments.  He will create a plan for you so you can achieve the look you are seeking.  I am thrilled with my results!  J.S. *Individual results and/or experiences may vary.
Botox And Facial Filler Patient

I will always be grateful to you for your thoughtfulness and consideration, also the wonderful work you have done on my face.  Your wonderful bedside manner and keeping in touch with me is comparable to none.  Your staff is excellent and your work as a family.  You made me comfortable the minute I met you and was not afraid.  All I can say is you are “Mr Wonderful” to me.  N.C. *Individual results and/or experiences may vary.
Face And Necklift Patient


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