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Don’t Let Your Hands Give Away Your Age

When we think about rejuvenation, most of our patients are concerned about the typical areas: eyes, face, and lips. They may consider a tummy tuck or laser liposuction. But one area that can belie your age more quickly and more visibly than any other is your hands. From age spots to visible veins to wrinkles, your hands can make you appear much older.

The Skin on Hands Ages Too

Your hands are exposed to the elements even when the rest of your body is covered. If you use your hands a lot in your work, or wash a lot of dishes, or even if your hands aren’t always adequately covered with sunblock (for example, while driving) then your hands might look older than they should. As we age, the skin on our hands thins and sags. Veins and tendons become more visible. Age spots may develop from exposure to the sun.

Sculptra® Hand Rejuvenation

Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that stimulates collagen production in your hands to make them appear plump and full. The use of Sculptra helps minimize the appearance of veins and lines in the hands and gives your hands a more youthful appearance.

Fraxel Laser Treatment for Hand Rejuvenation

Fraxel laser treatment uses microscopic lasers to stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells. It can improve the appearance of aging and sun-damaged hands. It requires three to five sessions for the best results and can be combined with Scuptra treatments for the best results, which include smoother skin, better tone and texture, reduction of brown spots, and minimized wrinkles.

If you think hand rejuvenation is the right solution for your needs, please get in touch. Dr. Mao encourages patients to ask a lot of questions, make informed decisions, and ensure their expectations are achievable.  After a personal consultation, patients leave feeling well-informed about the best treatment options. They understand the benefits and limitations of select procedures, and ultimately leave with an informed treatment plan to get the results they want.

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Dr. Mao's skill speaks for itself. Checking through his gallery is all the evidence you need. This does not, however show the kindness, gentleness and enthusiasm of this most competent surgeon. I got exactly what I had hoped for; a more youthful look without any evidence of having "work." Dr. Mao was available from start. . . 

I wanted to thank everyone especially Dr. Johnny Mao for the wonderful treatment I received. I had a surgical procedure done to remove a basal cell cancer on my cheek area. Dr Mao and the entire staff were fantastic. The admission process, the surgery and the results, again, fantastic. I can't say enough about everyone. . .

My experience with Dr. Mao has been nothing but pleasant. My first appointment I meet with him and talked about my options and took pictures. He had done morphed photos to show me what my nose could potentially look like. He was very personable he made sure that I was comfortable during appointments and gave. . .

I will always be grateful to you for your thoughtfulness and consideration, also the wonderful work you have done on my face. Your wonderful bedside manner and keeping in touch with me is comparable to none. Your staff is excellent and your work as a family. You made me comfortable the minute I met you. . .

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