Double Chin Reduction: Liposuction vs. Lipodissolving Injection

By editor
September 9, 2016

With the advent of the new FDA approved double chin fat dissolving injection Kybella, there has been much interest garnered in the plastic surgery field regarding this new product.  While it is certain that a subset of patients (localized fat directly underneath the chin) will no doubt benefit from this injection, it is hard to argue with the consistently good result obtained from the "still" gold standard chin liposuction.  This procedure can be done safely in the office under local anesthesia with min discomfort in as fast as 15 to 45min depending on the amount of fat.  Unlike Kybella which only treats underneath the chin, liposuction cannula can more effectively treat the lateral neck region as well.  One to three tiny incisions for access into the chin/neck soft tissue as shown here.  If there is minimal lateral fatty tissue, only one central incision is all you need to get the job done. Postoperatively, patients wear an elastic neck brace for 3-5 days to keep the skin tight. The result is visualized in a few days once the initial swelling dissipates.

Upload: September 9, 2016In experienced hands, chin/neck liposuction have minimal risks.  One can avoid the potential troublesome factors associated with fat dissolution injection:

Excessive swelling and pain during and after injection for up to one week or longer

Difficulty swallowing

Need for multiple injections: one session often not enough

Satisfactory result is often delayed due to multiple sessions 3-4 weeks apart

Unmasking of neck muscle banding necessitating surgery intervention anyways

Double Chin Reduction


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