The Buccal Fat Removal Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

buccal fat A rounded face may help someone look youthful, but there can come a point when the roundness turns into the colloquial “baby face”. If you feel that your cheeks are too round and would like a slimmer face with more defined cheekbones, then a buccal fat removal surgery may be for you.

If you’re thinking about getting buccal fat removal and would like to learn more, we at Mao Facial Plastic Surgery have created a cheat sheet to answer your questions.

What Is Buccal Fat? 

Buccal fat refers to the deep fat pocket found beneath the cheekbone and resting above the jawbone. The appearance of your cheeks is primarily due to the way your buccal fat rests in the skeletal structure of your face.

Because your fat pads are influenced by genetics, it can be incredibly difficult to alter the look of your cheeks through lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, alone.

What Is Buccal Fat Removal? 

Buccal fat removal is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. This plastic surgery removes the buccal fat from the area between your cheek and jawbones. The surgery takes approximately 10 minutes on each side and is permanent because buccal fat does not grow back.

Are There Side Effects To Buccal Fat Removal? 

The side effects associated with buccal fat removal are the same ones associated with any minimally invasive medical surgery. It is possible to experience bleeding, scarring, infection, swelling, and numbness.

Though swelling is normal immediately after surgery and can last up to a few days, should you face prolonged swelling or any other side effects, contact your surgeon immediately.

Dr. Mao and the team will walk you through the entire procedure and give you detailed aftercare procedures, so you will be able to minimize side effects and ensure you stay comfortable after your procedure.

Aside from side effects expected from surgery, there is an unexpected effect from the procedure to be aware of.

Buccal fat removal can cause some people to develop a more gaunt or imbalanced appearance. It’s important to have a well-trusted and experienced doctor administer your procedure, not just for a well-defined jawline and sharp cheekbones, but to ensure you are happy with your results for years to come.

Mao Facial Plastic Surgery May Help Achieve A Slim Face

With years of experience, Dr. Mao is a board-certified surgeon who takes great pride in his work and understands the importance of high-quality, reliable care.

When you come in, our team will take the time to understand your needs and thoroughly answer any questions you may have. To understand even more about Dr. Mao’s approach to buccal fat removal, click here. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please send us a message today. You can also reach our clinic at 203-907-0501, or text us at 203-772-1444.


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