Want Gorgeous Lips? Try a Lip Lift!

lip enhancement Everyone has something they wish they could change about themselves – have you ever wished you could have fuller, more luscious lips? You can, with a lip lift!

What is a lip lift?

There are a few different ways to perform a lip lift. One of the most effective is to surgically reduce the amount of skin just above the lip and then to contour the upper lip into the shape that you and your surgeon have agreed on.

Who should get a lip lift?

If you have always felt that there is too much distance between your nose and lip, if you have always hated having a thin upper lip, or if you have had a bad experience with lip fillers, a lip lift may be a solution for you.

What is the lip lift procedure like?

A lip lift is a very simple procedure that typically takes about an hour. It is done under local anesthesia. The surgeon will mark the area to be worked on based on the plan that the two of you agreed on previously, and then he or she will remove the skin underneath the nose and then close the incision with tiny sutures.

What happens after the procedure?

The area will be sore and a bit swollen; this is normal. To minimize swelling, you should use cold compresses and keep your head elevated for the first 2 days after surgery. You should also try to restrict the movement of your mouth for a week and avoid exercise and heavy exertion for about 2 weeks. Your doctor may prescribe medication to help with any discomfort, and you should keep the area clean and use antibacterial ointment for the first couple of weeks. The sutures are usually removed after 5 to 7 days.

A lip lift procedure is permanent; however, there will always be changes to your face as you mature.

Have you always wanted full, gorgeous lips? A lip lift procedure is a quick way to get the lips you’ve always wanted. Contact Mao Facial Plastic Surgery in Orange, Connecticut, for a consultation. Call (203) 907-0501 today!


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