Are You Ready for a New Year and New You?

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January 15, 2020

Johnny Mao, MD When Dr. Mao consults with new patients, his first concern isn’t scheduling your surgery; his first concern is your safety. In fact, the primary reason for having an initial consultation about your desire to obtain plastic surgery, whether it’s for a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, a facelift, or some combination for a new you, is to determine whether you meet the requirements for safely undergoing the procedure.

Physical Health

Any invasive surgery carries risk, so being in good health is a basic requirement in being qualified to undergo any kind of plastic surgery. You must be physically healthy enough to safely be placed under anesthesia, which means your blood pressure should not be too high, your BMI should be with a certain range, and you should have no complicating factors, such as cardiovascular disease.

Mental Health

The purpose behind your desire to have plastic surgery is something we will explore with you. We have had patients come in requesting plastic surgery who clearly did not want it but had outside pressure, from a significant other or even from a family member, to get something done. We want to give you the body YOU desire – not fulfill the expectations of someone else.

Support System

Recovering from plastic surgery takes time. You will need to have someone who can drive you home after your procedure; someone who can stay with you for a few days if needed while you recover. You may need help doing simple things depending on the procedure you have until your incision heals.

Dr. Mao also encourages patients to ask a lot of questions, make informed decisions, and ensure their expectations are achievable. After a personal consultation, patients leave feeling well-informed about the best treatment options. They understand the benefits and limitations of select procedures, and ultimately leave with an informed treatment plan to get the results they want.

If you’re interested in exploring cosmetic procedures fill out this form or call (203) 907-0501 to schedule a consultation. You can also visit us on Facebook to learn more.

Finally, be sure to visit Dr. Mao's photo gallery to see what's possible.



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Deep Plane Facelift Patient

I wanted to thank everyone especially Dr. Johnny Mao for the wonderful treatment I received.  I had a surgical procedure done to remove a basal cell cancer on my cheek area.  Dr Mao and the entire staff were fantastic.  The admission process, the surgery and the results, again, fantastic.  I can't say enough about everyone ... Read More

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My experience with Dr. Mao has been nothing but pleasant.  My first appointment I meet with him and talked about my options and took pictures.  He had done morphed photos to show me what my nose could potentially look like.  He was very personable he made sure that I was comfortable during appointments and gave ... Read More

Nose Reshaping Patient

I will always be grateful to you for your thoughtfulness and consideration, also the wonderful work you have done on my face.  Your wonderful bedside manner and keeping in touch with me is comparable to none.  Your staff is excellent and your work as a family.  You made me comfortable the minute I met you ... Read More

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